Refuelling & Lubrication Systems

Industrial Hydraulics are distributors for Banlaw and accredited nozzle repairers.  We carry an extensive range of couplings, receivers, nozzles, vents and swivels in stock.

Introducing the Next Generation Refuelling Nozzles

This new generation nozzle incorporates a number of key design upgrades to further improve the performance, safety, and durability of our nozzles in the market.  These upgrades include:

  • New carry handle design, incorporating stainless steel for added durability.
  • Strengthened operating T-handle.
  • Measures to further minimize contamination ingress into the rear chamber of the nozzle, particularly the piston bore.
  • A new nozzle body, comprising a stainless steel section at the front for increased durability and improved latching onto the mating fuel receiver.
  • Serviceable (replaceable) stainless steel bore sleeve in the rear piston chamber.

Flush Face Coupling Range

Banlaw’s newest range of couplings, the Flush Face series makes it simpler to ensure zero contamination from site related dirt and cross contamination.  The Flush Face coupling is designed to enable the operator to wipe the coupling face clean before engaging in the transfer hose.  No exposed recesses means that only clean oil, grease or other fluid is transferred from the service unit to machine.  Couplings are colour coded and sized so that they cannot be incorrectly connected.

Fluid Transfer / Classic Range

Banlaw’s Classic range of couplings has been proven in some of the world’s harshest environments for decades.

Today the classic range is still relevant, and used by many organisations that require high flow rates, cross-compatibility, and also premium manufacture quality.

A unique coupling is provided for each oil, grease or coolant type, eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination.


With a combined 100 years of experience in the supply and servicing of EDCA rail refuelling systems,
Industrial Hydraulics is the EDCA manufacturer’s authorised distributor and repairer for EDCA Refuelling systems.

Industrial Hydraulics have fully trained EDCA nozzle repair technicians with a fast turnaround time with each nozzle tested on our purpose-built test bench.

A complete fuelling system that provides greater safety, reduced cost and faster operation.

The EDCA automatic refuelling system prevents financial loss by preventing spills and also the environmental problems they cause.

Flow rates from 10-300 gpm provide maximum efficiency in fuelling operations. The self-sealing valves prevent the loss of fuel during disconnect.

Industrial Hydraulics stocks all EDCA components including:
2510 Fuel Nozzles
2500 Tank Halves
2525 Float assembly
2502 Dust Caps

Industrial Hydraulics has a wide range of Graco Lubrication and Process equipment.

We can design a system to suit your needs.

  • Automatic Lubrication systems
  • Workshop Servicing equipment
  • Material dispensing


Graco’s diaphragm pumps are designed for industrial and chemical transfer applications.  Our chemical and industrial diaphragm pumps come in pnewumatic and electric options, with many flow rates and sizes.  Both metal and plastic housings can easy handle corrosive and abrasive fluids.  All of our industrial and electrical diaphragm pumps are thoroughly tested before they leave our factories.


Graco’s family of heavy duty industrial hose reels are designed for applications from small shops to large car and truck dealerships, even construction equipment and fleet maintenance shops.  We also engineer our retractable hose reels to handle common shop fluids: lubricating grease, petroleum and synthetic based oils, hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, gear oils, air, water, windshield was fluid and diesel exhaust fluids.


We design and manufacture a broad array of automation lubrication components and products.

Graco has been designing and building modern lubrication equipment and systems that serve the in-plant manufacturing industry for decades.  Our newest generation of automatic lubrication equipment is the result of years of collaboration with our customers and partners to engineer high quality, reliable systems that stand above the rest.


Business owners turn to Graco for the industry’s most reliable and highest-quality service lube equipment.  We build our products and systems to last far beyond the competition.