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Refuelling & Fluid Transfer


Banlaw have over 35 years’ experience in designing and managing systems for mining, ports (container handling), rail and transport industries. Having complete control of the delivery, dispatch, cleanliness and usage of all hydrocarbons gives Banlaw’s clients unparalleled control of their environmental risks, effectiveness and accuracy. Fuel management is one of their primary factors affecting bottom line performance.

Banlaw’s main manufacturing and research development facility is located in the Hunter Valley, the centre of Australia’s industrial heartland. Their systems can be found in use throughout Australia, Europe, the United States, Asia and the Americas where we have authorised sales and service partners.
The Banlaw promise is improved economic, environmental and safety performance.

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With a combined 100 years experience in supply and servicing of EDCA rail refueling systems,
Industrial Hydraulics are the EDCA manufacturer’s authorised distributors and repairers for EDCA Refuelling systems.

Industrial Hydraulics have fully trained EDCA nozzle repair technicians with a fast turn around time with each nozzle is tested on our purpose built test bench.

A complete fuelling system that provides greater safety, reduced cost and faster operation.

The EDCA automatic refueling system prevents financial loss by preventing spills and also the environmental problems they cause.

Flow rates from 10-300 gpm provide maximum efficiency in fuelling operations. The self sealing valves prevent the loss of fuel during disconnect.

Industrial Hydraulics stock all EDCA components including:
2510 Fuel Nozzles
2500 Tank Halves
2525 Float assembly
2502 Dust Caps


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